From the people who matter the most – The families we work with.

  • “Having the opportunity to attend with my son and to spend some excellent time together and with families with similar backgrounds”
    Participant 6
    Camp Participant
  • “The opportunity for reflection and quality time with my daughters”
    Participant 5
    Camp Participant
  • “Just being able to get away and spend some time with kids in the bush with no technology and do some good activities with kids”
    Participant 4
    Camp Participant
  • “Spending time with my son. The one on one time is priceless and watching him immerse himself in the experience was worth it.”
    Participant 3
    Camp Participant
  • “The whole concept is amazing”
    Participant 2
    Camp Participant
  • “The general feeling that was evoked by those running the The Younger Heroes set an amazing tone for the weekend.”
    Participant 1
    Camp Participant

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