The Founder

Damien Schofield is the program’s founder and manager.

A personal trainer, who has a background in martial arts, physical therapy techniques and group training.

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Damien Schofield is the son of a Vietnam Veteran and is the program’s founder and manager. Damien is a health and fitness professional who has a background in martial arts and has been trained under 11-time World Champion John Wayne Parr.

Damien has extensive experience in physical therapy techniques and has been trained by Mark Visser who is an Australian big wave surfer and ocean adventurer capturing the interest of the US Navy Seals.

He also specialises in group therapy for private health retreats and has taken part in many of Dr Arne Rubinstein Leadership courses.

Damien works with a broad range of people from those experiencing substance dependencies, to professional sportsmen and women and other mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD.

Damien works with all ages in a holistic and individually tailored manner to deliver a professional and highly motivated mentoring and coaching approach to his clients