About Us

What is The Younger Heroes?

The Younger Heroes Program is dedicated too promoting stronger family bonds by providing support to participants, including parents and their children, in building and enhancing their family resilience. This program is specifically designed for parents who have experienced periods of separation from their families due to their employment in organisations like the Australian Defence Force (ADF),First Responders and or Emergency Services. It also caters to individuals whose work experiences or environments have impacted their family connections or influenced their communication and relationships with their families, such as exposure to high-stress or high-impact jobs.

Set in a natural environment and working on a combination of fireside chats, workshops, and fun activities, the TYH Program equips participants with the tools and strategies they need to strengthen their family bonds. By addressing the unique challenges faced by parents who have been separated from their families, the program helps them rebuild trust, improve communication, and foster a sense of belonging. Ultimately, the TYH Program aims to create a supportive and nurturing environment where families can thrive and grow together.


Strengthening Families

A Breakthrough Program

Designed by professionals to enhance and strengthen the critical bond between a returned servicemen and women and those that have served the nation and their children (optimal target age 8-15 years).

A Dedicated Team

The program is supported by professional practitioners from the areas of psychology, sports, business and the military (including Special Forces).


Combining the principles of physical activity, group interaction and shared experiences.

Emotional Reconnection
Build Family Resilience
Realising Inner Strength
Sharing Valuable Time

Focused on core values

The ‘technology-free’ program is specifically designed to enhance trust, respect, honesty, integrity, courage, confidence and empowerment.

All participants in The Younger Heroes programs, including children, parents, professionals and mentors, will join a broader community. Weekly communications will be forwarded into the community network to keep all participants connected.