How does this help?

$40,000 covers a Younger Heroes program for up to 10
families (inclusive of specialised professional
facilitation and post-program sessions and support
for participants).

What you get in return
  • Your company’s promotional material provided to
    each program participant
  • Company logo on website and all social media
  • Company logo on all merchandise and resources
    worn and utilised by participants and facilitators
  • A sponsor’s plaque for your home or office
  • 2 x Family Pass for The Younger Heroes Program
  • Information booklet containing stories and
    testimonials from real families who have benefitted
    from Younger Heroes programs and sponsor
    donations like yours.

Enquire now about how you can become a sponsor

Not all families are in a financial position to afford our support, so The Younger Heroes are appealing to the wider community to assist with sponsorship and donations.