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Designed by professionals to enhance and strengthen the critical bond between a returned servicemen and women and those that have served the nation and their children (optimal target age 8-16 years).

What To Expect

Our program is a 2 night, 3 day adventure. We camp out in nature focussing on strengthening the family bond by improving resilience, enhancing communication and improving teamwork.

We do this with a selection of activities so expect trekking, fun bush skills, and time around the camp fire!

Program Schedule

The schedule for the program is briefly outlined in the following document, noting plenty of free time and time for showers to cleanse from the days activities.

Upon acceptance of your registration, you will receive a more detailed document outlining everything you need to bring.

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How much does it cost?

The Younger Heroes covers the cost of the program however a $500 deposit per family is required to secure your position. This fee is non refundable and will go towards the cost associated with delivering the program. An invoice will follow after your registration has been accepted.

For any current or ex-serving member of the Australian Defence Force that may be experiencing financial difficulty, please do contact your RSL or RSL Sub Branch as they may be able to assist.

Sign-Up for a Camp

Complete the Camp Attendance and Waiver form below and one of our team will be touch with you soon.

Which camp would you like to register for?


Details of the child attending the camp. Child age must be 8-16 years of age.

Parent / Guardian (who will be accompanying the child)

Details of the Parent/Gaurdian

Emergency Contacts

In the event of an emergency the parent/guardian will be contacted first. Please provide a second contact in case they cannot be reached.


Please note, this is an Accident Release, First Aid, Media (including Social Media) and Financial Responsibility Wavier
Please list any medical/physical limitations (allergies, phobia etc.) or other concerns pertaining to your child:
Please add any additional notes about you would like to include
I authorize and grant permission for a representative of The Younger Heroes to treat minor injuries including scrapes, small cuts, splinters, and insect bites, ideally in the presence of a parent or guardian. I authorize and grant permission for a representative of The Younger Heroes to obtain emergency medical care from any licensed physician or hospital and/or medical clinic should my child become ill or injured. I therefore freely and voluntarily execute this release with such knowledge, assume the risk of personal injury and/or property loss arising from or in any way connected with participation in any programs offered by The Younger Heroes. I hereby release and discharge The Younger Heroes and any and all staff and volunteers from any liability, claim, cause of action, demand or damages from injury or damages of any kind to my child or my property as a result of participation in the programs of The Younger Heroes. I grant permission and understand that photos and other images taken during this event could be used in print advertisement and other forms of media. I understand that should my child become a disruptive force during the educational program that the instructor may choose to release him/her from the program with no refund.

I acknowledge as part of the program, camp participants will be required to engage in some level of self-disclosure to the level they are comfortable with. During this process, if personal issues arise we may initiate appropriate services and or support to assist any impacted person in order to render safe/assistance. In addition, every attempt will be made to maintain your privacy and confidentiality in this cohesive and supportive group environment.
With my signature, I agree and understand that it is my responsibility to offer more than 4 weeks notice for cancellation.