A Swift Solo Ride Across Australia

In July 2018, Glenn Swift endured a SOLO 4200km bike ride from Perth to Sydney to raise money for The Younger Heroes which is an organisation dedicated to ‘Strengthening Veteran Families’, both current and ex-serving personnel.

Glenn’s ride started from the Komatsu Office in Perth and finished up at the Sydney Headquarters, 21 days later.

Glenn’s reasoning for his support of The Younger Heroes program stems from his network of friends and colleagues who are Veterans in the military. At the age of 16, Glenn tried to join the military, but was deemed too young. Glenn has an enormous amount of respect for all men and women involved within the military. “This is unfinished business for me, the opportunity to write a chapter missed in my career. I have the opportunity now to serve those who have served us,” Mr Swift said.

Thank you Glenn and Komatsu from all of us at The Younger Heroes